Saturday, October 16, 2010

Αννα Βισση, Σακης Ρουβας - Face 2 Face Show πρεμιέρα - Φωτογραφίες

Face2Face premiere: a spectacular show for Anna and Sakis

A Hollywood show that had it all, the hits of Anna and Sakis, a grand opening and almost 3,900 spectators applauding and enjoying every singe song. Sakis and Anna premiered tonight at the Athens Arena, an anticipated collaboration which originally took place 13 years ago. The show kicked off with Anna Vissi performing "Erota H Polemo" and Sakis his hit "Anteksa". Lots of duets and games on stage took place. Anna Vissi also performed her latest single "Agapi Einai" and Sakis his brand new smashing club hit "Parafora". Together they ended up their show at around 5.00 am.

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Anonymous said...

e grafte kanena sxolio pos itan i premiera.pos itan i enarksi? ta xoreftika kai genika olo to show... olo ektos apo tin asxeti vera mpoufi...